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Advisory Board (4)

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of influential and knowledgeable experts drawn from a broad and balanced variety of Ethiopian and Pan-Ethiopian experts. Its role is to promote the interest and welfare of EINEPS, and also to advice on the strategy and direction of the institute. Each member of the Advisory Board contributes to EINEPS within his or her respective field of competence.

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Senior Fellows (8)

Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows play an important role in helping to advance understanding on issues related to the nonviolence education, conflict resolution, and peace studies. Senior fellows come from the ranks of outstanding policymakers, scholars, journalists, advocates and other backgrounds. During their term, fellows are integrated into the Institute's ongoing work to enhance its mission and programs.

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Associate Fellows (4)

Associate Fellows

Associate Fellows represent a designation for those practitioners who have contributed greatly or demonstrated exceptional potential in the field of conflict resolution, nonviolence education and peace building in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Diaspora as assessed by an EINEPS expert panel. This fellowship include expertise who can create projects that will have a lasting impact and/or develop a curriculum to teach future trainer.

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Research Fellows (3)

Research Fellows

Research Fellows benefit from mentoring opportunities with leading senior researchers in their areas of studies, while mentoring interns in their respective fields. EINEPS fellows engage not only their academic seniors and peers, but also a range of other players, including civic and community organization leaders, advocates, policymakers, and individuals from the private sector.

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Interns & Volunteers (0)

Interns & Volunteers

EINEPS offers an internship program for young professionals and those studying at, or recently graduated from University. A strong research and writing skills, and a strong commitment and enthusiasm to social justice are important assets. Volunteering is a great way to be a part of EINPES' work. Our volunteers are able to offer their time in a variety of roles, allowing them to give their time in a manner they enjoy. Your dedication and passion are critical to strengthening our work.

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